Why Build New Rather Than Buy Old?

So you’re ready to buy a home and begin to wonder why should you build when many homes are for sell already to move in? What about a fixer-upper? It might look like a great savings, but is it really? While the list of benefits of building a new custom is long and varied, here are some things to consider when deciding whether to build new or buy an older house:

Energy Efficiency Over time not only has building techniques improved, but also the materials and products available to build with. Energy efficiency is a prime focus today and ways to save energy begins in every new building, whether residential or commercial.

Compliance with Modern Building Codes When you decide to build a new custom home with a builder like Robare Custom Homes, you can be sure that all of the latest building codes and safety regulations are being implemented. If you buy an older house, there can be issues of safety and efficiency simply because codes and regulations improve over the years and not all older homes have been brought up to recent standards.

New Appliances With your new custom home, you get to choose brand new appliances with all of the latest features available. If you choose to buy an older house, it may be difficult to know how old or in what kind of working condition the included appliances may be.

Lower Operating and Maintenance Costs With energy efficient appliances, building products and materials in your new custom home, you will save money in not only your utility bills, but also home maintenance, like plumbing and septic services.

Products and Workmanship Warranties When you build your custom home with a custom builder like Robare Custom Homes, you will receive a 2 Year Warranty on any defects of services provided by Robare Custom Homes and a 10 Year Structural Warranty. When you choose Robare Custom Homes, you can feel confident knowing you have selected a Premier Custom Homebuilder dedicated to consistent quality with your best interests in mind. If you decide to buy an older house, you may not be able to be certain of the quality or workmanship that went into building the home.

Open Floor Plans With a new custom home, you get to design your floor plan the way you like. New custom homes tend to have more open living areas, lending to larger appearance. Older houses most often have extra interior walls separating kitchen, living, and eating areas, which can make the rooms feel smaller and closed in.

Custom Features and Design The best part of building a new custom home is that you get to choose your own finishes and custom features not found in older houses, like: large master bathrooms with huge garden tubs and separate showers, kitchens with custom cabinetry and a variety of granite counter tops, built-in outdoor kitchen, higher ceilings, walk-in pantries, custom closets, and the list goes on and on.

The benefits of building your own custom home can go on and on. To discuss other benefits and find out more information about building your own custom home, please contact Robare Custom Homes and we will guide you through the entire process.