The Finishing Touches: Log Home Living

While you may yet only be dreaming of retiring to the wilderness or already enjoying your custom log home, it is never to late to think about style and decor. It can become a challenge to decorate a log home compared to a traditional custom home or ranch-style home. Log homes, with their different character(s), it becomes important to focus on how to enhance the luster your log home already provides. If you’re just moving into your log home, or are looking to give your log home a new look, here are a few finishing touches you can make to make your log house a home.

Blending Style and Design in the Kitchen
The kitchen is often the first place that a homeowner will look when it comes to adding finishing touches, but it can be easier said than done when it comes to a log home. Striking that perfect balance between functionality and a rustic appearance may prove to be a difficult task. However, there are a few simple places to look, beginning with your appliances. For most, the appliances in a custom log home should be kept simplistic, refraining from pastels or other bright colors. Though, when it comes to your faucets and sinks, more attention should be paid to durability and ergonomics than any other feature.

Utilizing the Living Room to Create Personality
The living room and family room of your log home are the areas where you can really let your personality and sense of style come alive. Any number of relatively simple additions can be used to add your unique touch to these rooms. Start with your furniture options; you want to focus on options that are not only comfortable, but those that also mesh well with your custom log home’s design. Using colors found in nature for your interior decorating brings a piece of the serenity the forest and natural wildlife provide, but in the form of a comfortable, padded couch or sofa.

Lighting is also an extremely important element in your living room. Most homeowners will want to keep their blinds as simple as possible, while also adding a little something to the room, going with options such as roman blinds. Remember, just as important as the quality of your custom log home is how your home and décor make you and your family feel.

Creating the Perfect Bedroom
Unlike your living room, which should stick to the overall theme of your custom log home, homeowners have the ability to finish off the bedrooms in their home however they see fit. Comfort is the ultimate goal when designing your bedrooms. If you don’t want to be surrounded by the logs of your home while you rest, the addition of fabric wherever possible is a great way to dilute the presence of the logs throughout your home. Thick draperies, bed spreads, and area rugs should all match one another, and should typically be kept to more muted tones.

Function Over Form in the Bathrooms
The bathroom is one room in which comfort and design need to receive the most attention. Depending on the location of your log home, these rooms may also be susceptible to frozen plumbing, cracked or broken pipes, and even mold. With that in mind, it’s essential that if you choose to have any metal finishing in your bathroom that it be made of stainless steel. Any other materials you choose to decorate with should be mold and rust-resistant to ensure your family’s good health. To improve both form and function in your bathrooms, a layering of wood stainer on the walls, ceiling, and if unfinished, your flooring can add a touch of personality and improve the rooms’ durability.

Bringing the House Together: The Dining Room
As with most dining rooms, the focal point remains the dining table and chairs. For the majority of log home owners, the perfect option is to use a wood and finish that match that of the log home. In the event that your cabin is made from a unique, aged, or expensive wood, you may need to find specialty shops or learn how to score, age and stain furniture yourself. While having the furniture match your log cabin is an ideal situation, dinnerware can be as modern as you choose, as this is a great way to use an accent to bring your style out on the table, exemplifying the personality and lifestyle of you and your family.

No matter your preferences, there are many different ways you can add a splash of color and style to your log home that lets your friends, family and guests know that you’ve added your own touch to your home. Whatever you choose to upgrade, make sure you stay true to yourself, and you’ll be certain to come up with a look that you and your family will absolutely love.