Modern & Contemporary Homes in San Antonio

The demand for quality modern & contemporary custom homes in San Antonio has never been higher. Newer building technologies are ideally suited to this architecture, and fill the desire to create sustainable, energy efficient homes. They also enable new outdoor living spaces on smaller city lots as well as provide spectacular views of the outstanding Texas Hill Country with rooftop terraces.

There are many considerations when designing and building modern & contemporary homes and modern architecture, like build-ability, structural components, roof type, costs, and more. Robare Custom Homes has the experience in every aspect of building your new modern home.

Complexity – The simplicity of modern architecture can be very deceiving. While a modern design may appear simple, the underlying structure may have large quantities of structural steel to achieve the desired look.

Building Systems – Modern construction is ideal for newer building systems such as ICF (Insulating Concrete Forms) and cast stone block homes. Building systems are all generally better than traditional “stick” construction, but with one major drawback. Price, of course! That is why most homes are still built the old fashion way.

Cantilevered Elements – This is a common element in many modern home designs. Cantilevered portions of the home can add interest, but are usually one of the more costly areas of construction, involving engineered structural beams or steel beams.

Roof Terraces – Roof terraces are becoming more popular in areas that have a view. A roof terrace effectively increases the outside living space in areas where lot sizes are very small. Certainly, this increases construction costs but does dramatically increase outdoor space. From an engineering perspective, there are additional costs in designing the structure for the additional loading associated with the weight of people, furniture, etc.

Modern & Contemporary Rooftop TerraceNon-standard Windows – Large amounts of glass, especially non-standard window sizes, can add significant costs to the construction budget. New energy codes as required by the City of San Antonio and being adopted by many municipalities can have a significant effect on the amount of glass that can be used in a home. Other energy efficiency factors can help offset the inefficiency of windows, glass doors and walls.

There are many more aspects to consider in planning and designing your new modern & contemporary home. Would you like a one on one builder interview, to have your questions answered directly? Call us to schedule: (210) 372.9880