It’s All About Design

Robare Custom Homes is committed to providing the latest in design and build options to ensure each client will have not only a beautiful new custom home, but also a functional home to last for years to come. Considering the latest design trends in homebuilding plays a big part in our understanding the needs and desires of our clients. Being aware of rising trends that may help you in deciding what you want in your new custom home.

America’s aging population is becoming a greater consideration in home design. Because many older homeowners have trouble with highly reflective surfaces such as high-gloss countertops due to the glare causing eye strain, matte finishes are becoming increasingly popular with aging buyers. For these clients, the non-reflective surfaces, such as honed granite and tile for countertops or backsplashes, offer pleasing options for anyone concerned about glare.

Next, with the popularity of open floor plans and high ceilings that have the potential to cause sound issues, acoustics are another important consideration of design. Everyone, not just seniors, want a comfortable and quiet home. Manufacturers have addressed noise issues in the kitchen with quieter appliances and nearly silent vent hoods, but building with construction products that come with sound-absorbing properties such as sheathing, ceiling tiles, and even drywall can help with acoustics.

Although single-family square footages have risen slightly in the past year, many homeowners, especially Baby Boomers, are getting rid of their unneeded possessions and opting to downsize to a smaller home. At the same time, they are choosing to spend a bit more on those meaningful, high-quality finishes and upgrades like high-end custom cabinetry as well as specialty countertops and light fixtures.

Further, with a smaller home, comes a greater necessity to make use of every inch of space. One way to accomplish this is by installing efficient mini-split HVAC systems that don’t require ductwork. Making use of spaces that used to be dedicated to mechanicals, especially in the ceiling, can go a long way in giving a smaller home more space.

Double duty rooms, more recently referred to as a swing room, adapt as the homeowner’s needs change. An example is a dining room that also functions as an office space. For homes with small kitchen, you might consider a multi-purpose kitchen island with a retractable cutting board and table. Another way to save space in the kitchen is by installing integrated drain boards, which slant slightly into the sink, thus eliminating the need for a dish-drying rack.

No matter what your age or lifestyle is, with the right custom homebuilder, your new custom home can be designed to meet all of your needs and desires to match. Contact Robare Custom Homes for a custom home consultation and get started on the path to comfortable and happy living.