Integrity, Quality & Distinction

At the heart of the Robare Custom Homes standard of excellence lies within three key factors: integrity, quality, and distinction. What does that mean for you as the homebuyer?

Mike Robare and the Robare Custom Homes team are committed to being honest in their dealings with each and every client. Building your custom home is a serious endeavor for each member of our staff. When a client calls, no matter who answers the phone, you can be sure you will reach someone eager to help you with any issue. Although no business could survive with only 1 client, you will be made to feel you are the only one. Integrity means keeping promises made, standing behind all claims, and being upfront and forthright in every situation. Integrity is standing for what is right for you. Integrity is making a conscious effort to complete every task perfectly, but admitting if a mistake has been made and finding an equitable solution for you.

Every home built by Robare Custom Homes is a mark of quality. Every product vendor has been picked because of its high quality rating. Every choice in material is made because of its durability factor.  Since day one, Mike Robare has insisted each of the homes he builds bare the mark of pure quality craftsmanship. Each member of the Robare Custom Homes construction team is chosen for his or her skill set, experience and dedication to the details involved in building a beautiful custom home. Each person makes a conscious effort to complete every part of your new custom home with quality precision to last for years and years. Whether you choose to sell your home later or enjoy living there for the rest of your life, you can feel confident that the quality will remain.

Mike Robare’s desire has always been to build homes of distinction. Understanding that every individual is different, rather than build 500 homes that all look alike, Mike would have each one with its own distinctly different design, and built individually to fit the lifestyle and desires of each client. Robare Custom Homes takes each home site into consideration when recommending ideas on the design and orientation of your home. The land and terrain as well as its views play a big role as to which specific home features will offer you the most enjoyable living experience.

The bottom line is this… if you want a custom home builder who will work with you honestly, who is dedicated to building a quality home, and who wants you to have your own distinctively individual living experience, Robare Custom Homes is the builder for you. Contact us today and let’s get started! 210-372-9880