INHOUSE: Creating Your Own Dream Home

_DSC3339“INHOUSE Creating Your Dream Home Room by Room”  by Mike Robare, the owner of Robare Custom Homes, is a book detailing the process and insight to building your own custom home. Mike gives you the benefit of his near 30 years experience being a custom home builder, taking you room by room, giving you his expert advice on each aspect of the building process, and providing you with valuable information to help you avoid the mistakes others have made. Visit the website to find out how to get your FREE copy:

Mike’s introduction:

“What makes this book so special? First, I looked at all of the individual components that go into a home – the width of the garage door, the proper sizing of the family room, how to make the most out of guest rooms, and choosing the best lighting for each room in your home. I listened to the feedback I received from homeowners after their homes were completed and used the information to improve the next home I built. That’s why I wrote this book in an easy-to-follow format that offers readers a chance to focus on what really matters to them. Think of this book as a highly skilled builder taking you by the hand and giving you insights on the best design and features available for your home.

There is no greater satisfaction for me than helping others. I love taking an idea or a concepts and developing it in a way that allows me hopefully exceed an owner’s expectations – and taking their life dreams, their life savings, and earn their trust as a professional and a friend. I want to be involved in my homeowners’ lives and get to know them as people, not just homeowners.

This is the perfect time for this book to come out. In truth, I could not have written a book like this 15 years ago because it would have contained only 30% of the art and science needed to build an exceptional custom home. This book has allowed me to take many years of experience as a luxury homebuilder, and write it down in a way that can benefit new home buyers building the home of their dreams. In addition, I’ve discovered that writing this book has helped me to grow as custom builder and to interact and learn from my homeowners.  With every custom home I build, I not only become a stronger person, but a more creative one who sees the living color in every project – the possibilities. In truth, almost any reputable builder can perform “the science” building building a home – it involves taking materials, sticks and bricks, concrete, drywall, and putting them together to make a house. You can walk from room to room and see how all the pieces come together, and then at the end, the home passes its building inspection. “The Art” of homebuilding is different. It’s the key ingredient to creating an outstanding custom home – a masterpiece. The art take people’s needs, wants, desires, preferences and budget and creates a magnificent dream home where people can live, relax, entertain and be comfortable.

There are few things in life that are as personal as a custom built home. My hope is that this book can be an essential and helpful guide to getting the most out of the design, features, accessories, upgrades and choices available today.”

Visit the website to find out how to get your FREE copy: