2014 Home Trends

Homebuilding trends worldwide most often predict what is going to be going on in housing market overall.  Here is a summary of the current trends that leaders in the industry see as the most influential in 2014 home designing and building.

Accessibility With Open Spaces
Open floor plans seem most desired by the baby boomers, including single level designs with lots of windows, hardwood floors, and beautiful materials. These open and accessible house plans aren’t for just seniors or the physically challenged anymore. Instead, this trend will result in universal designs for all ages and abilities.

Eco-Friendly & Human Healthy
Green building also referred to as eco-friendly building is continuing to gain strength as the sensitivity to sustain the natural environment is influencing builders all around to incorporate sustainable, bio-degradable materials into their building processes. As well, more emphasis is being given on incorporating a clean air system for allergy-free or asthma-friendly homes.

Outdoor Living Spaces
Larger patios are becoming extensions of the home with beautiful living spaces outdoors. With the additions of fire pits, fireplaces and radiant heating under the concrete these spaces can be comfortably enjoyed all year long. Many new home designs provide residents with a variety of spaces to live and work outdoors.

Technology Driven
Advanced technology is becoming common in new custom homes. Current trends are focused on convenience with appliances, lights and alarms being controlled by your smart phone. Also, we now see outlets with USB chargers built in and digital command centers becoming commonplace. The building industry is moving toward appliances and systems that will communicate with one another as well as directly with the utility companies to balance community demand and offer homeowners money savings options.

True Custom
Homebuyers are more confident in expressing their style and personality in the decisions they make in building their custom home. Self-expression and the bold use of color suggest that homeowners and buyers are looking to personalize spaces. Robare Custom Homes understands the nature of true custom and works daily helping individuals create exactly the custom space that meets their own preferences and tastes.

Made in the USA
Consumers in the United States are placing more value on American made products than ever before. Consumer Reports sees “Made in the USA” as an important trend for 2014. Robare Custom Homes is proud to be an American company who makes use of materials made in the USA.

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